A variety of techniques, textures, designs and mixed media are used in my work. The art that I have created over the years is always different, never fixed to a certain style or medium and I have never duplicated an original painting...(unless it is a print) and I like it that way! I have never turned my work into a series or focus because I like change, new challenges, and principles of design. I enjoy working with my cheap brushes, paints, pens and I will use just about anything I can find to create the perfect final touch to my work. Molding paste and palette knives have been my favorite type of media and tools to incorporate in some of my acrylic paintings. It is so fun and adds character and LOTS of texture, which I love! My art describes different moods, expressions and my personality! One struggle I have had as an artist has been learning to come back to a piece of work. Sometimes what I picture in my head won't be what I produce on my canvas. But I LOVE when I get it just the way I pictured because that is when I am most happy with it. Within the last year, I have found a love for calligraphy... but without a calligraphy pen. All my work with calligraphy styled font is either painted or handwritten which has taught me a lot about patience and practice. I have also been experimenting with more abstract pieces which requires even more patience because of all the LAYERS. It has been such a learning experience because abstract art has NO RULES... which is AWESOME.

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